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Completed forms can be faxed to:  

NURSE at 505-857-0171



Provider Order and Medication Authorization Form .pdf

Allergy Action Plan .pdf

ASTHMA ACTION PLAN for Schools.pdf

special diet form.pdf

Immunization Exemption Form.pdf

OTC Med or Short Term Prescription.pdf




The immunization exemption form can also be found at the following link:

(A new exemption form is required at the beginning of each school year so it is best to have the form approved by the state during the summer.)



Forms for authorization for medications at school, special diets, specialized nursing services, emergency medical plans, etc. can be found on the APS website.  These forms must be renewed by the parent and physician at the beginning of each school year.  The forms can be completed by the physician during the summer and can be found at the following link:



In preparation for the closing of the Health Room for the summer, we are requesting the student’s parents or guardians pick up all medications stored in the Health Office. These medications cannot be given to the student to carry home (with the exception of asthma inhalers or EPI pens). The Health Room staff will dispose of any medication not picked up by the last day of school.  This will be no later than the close of the school day as students leave. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to call the school nurse/health assistant at 821-1810 ext 3.








If your child becomes ill and doesn’t feel well enough to take part in school, as parents or guardians, you should keep your child home until the symptoms improve.  This also can help to prevent the spread of the illness to others at school.  These are some of the examples of when your child should be kept home:

  • Active vomiting

  • Active diarrhea – three or more times in six hours

  • The beginning of an airway infection (cold/cough/runny nose) [This is especially important for those who are unable to manage their own body fluids]

  • Extreme tiredness and/or lack of appetite

  • Fever with headache, body aches, earache, sore throat

  • Undiagnosed or unknown rash (a rash that has not been seen or treated by a health care provider)

  • Any of the above symptoms with fever or chills

  • Untreated skin conditions

  • If antibiotic treatment is needed, your child should remain home for the first full 24 hours of medication (e.g., if your child has three doses per day ordered, then three doses must be given before the child returns to school)

If any symptoms change, worsen or don’t get better please call your health care provider.


Your child can return to school when he or she is well enough to take part in school and has had no fever for 24 hours without medication (acetaminophen, Tylenol®, etc.).



Immunization records are reviewed each year. Children will not be enrolled unless they have up to date immunizations.The New Mexico State Law requires immunizations for school attendance, or a waiver to be completed by the Department of Health. Please see for immunization schedules, requirements and waiver forms. If your student is out of compliance with these laws, they may be disenrolled form school. We want to support you and your student with any health-related concerns, so please know you are welcome to come by and talk with us. Thank you for participating in your student's education, health and wellness!

Health Room Staff

Rhonda Miranda, School Nurse
505-821-1810 ext. 34109

FAX#:  505-857-0171


Shannon Carpenter, Health Assistant
505-821-1810 ext. 3